multisensory training

We are habituated to perceive a limited range of sensations when eating, determined by foods we choose in the supermarket, the lack of time and even by our own disconnection with the act of eating.

The five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell) can be re-educated to improve the sensory perception related with food intake. For instance, participants attending to our multisensory training experience will discover that food’s taste is not only the input that is perceived by the tongue, but also it is possible to perceive taste by using the other senses too. Additionally, our approach will provides a better understanding of participant’s food preferences, and also how to manipulate some sensations that are perceived when eating.

In July 2017, for the very first time in Argentina, we gathered 40 participant for a unique gastronomic multisensory experience in partnership with the chef Máximo Cabrera, curator at Estudio Crudo in Buenos Aires. During the last years, as a pioneer and revivalist in Argentina, chef Cabrera was developing and teaching recipes based on fermented food, using regional ingredients. Given that fermentation is a method that allows to expand the range of sensations triggered by ingredients, we implement it in the frame of this multisensory experience, an exceptional tool to personalize the different organoleptic properties of foods.

Photoshooting and video reel by sietepeces