As an MD and Neuroscientist, my interest is to deeply explore the merged pathways that humans have among senses: smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing.

Nowadays, sensory perception is going one step further. In one hand there is a better understanding about how human brain works and how the senses interact with each other. On the other hand, there is a growing consumer demand for having more complex and personalized experiences.

Sensorytrip’s team is focused on consultancy for designing sensory experiences, brand innovation, sensory marketing, edible and non edible product development and more. All this based on the multisensory approach, a cutting-edge tool for experiencing everyday life, from gastronomy to the most challenging art project.

We also offer educational training following the mainstream scientific findings in the field of neuroscience. Participants will discover for instance, that taste is not only the sensation that it is perceived by the tongue, but also it is possible to perceive taste even through the other senses. Sensory information is transmitted through an interconnected brain network, and given this principle, our educational goal is to take advantage of this to bring ordinary perception to the multisensory level.

Some media and platforms where my work has been featured:

Maria Jimena Ricatti
MD and PhD
Sensorytrip Founder and Director