Synesthesia project is focused to explore the human perception in a different way, through multisensory stimulation.

When we born, our senses start to receive a continuous flux of stimuli from the outside womb environment, connecting one sensory input with a precise area of the brain, and establishing precise pathways for each sense.

In some individuals there is a perceptual condition, called synesthesia, in which one specific sensory input (like colors, flavours, textures, sounds, odours) triggers a sensory experience from another sense. This is due to the fact that some areas of the brain are receiving a mix of sensory inputs, instead of just a particular one. There are many classical example of synesthesia, like a sound that can be perceived as a particular color, while others are less common like odours producing visual perception. However, there are some emerging theories proposing that, in a very low degree, our brain remains synesthetic, meaning that we can experiment some of those blended sensorial perceptions.

Synesthesia Project wants to invite you to play with your senses. If you want to explore the synesthetic side of your brain, here you will find our current challenge.

Down bellow there is a picture full of colors and shapes, and the idea is to try to imagine how could it smell. Just take a look and let you brain play in a multisensory way, and then answer the questions.

Keep in mind that is better to do this quiz in a quiet moment in which you can put all your attention on your sensory perception, avoiding a noisy or disruptive environment.

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