I was born in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, in a family of women cooks. I was constantly stimulated by the flavors of traditional and new dishes, feeding my permanent curiosity for gastronomy.

On the other hand, my father sparked my interest in science, so I decided to study at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where I obtained a Medical Doctor degree followed by a PhD in Neuroscience.

For more than a decade I dedicated myself to research and teaching at the UBA Faculty of Medicine, and years later I moved to Italy to do my postdoctoral training at different universities and at the Major Civil Hospital of Verona.

Throughout my personal and professional experiences I have encountered a lot of people facing neurodegenerative diseases, gut disorders, diabetes, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, struggling to control body weight or to stay attached to a healthy diet. Most of them were unaware about what drove their everyday food choices and how this impacted the quality of life today and tomorrow. Surprisingly, the lack of sensory and food education is one of the main reasons for all these situations.

After almost 20 years dedicated to the study of the brain and the senses, in 2016 I founded sensorytrip to provide my knowledge and to offer solutions to people in a practical, immediate and personalized way, with the aim of applying it to transform the act of eating from the perspective of neuroscience and food re-education.

Jimena Ricatti

María Jimena Ricatti

Sensorytrip Founder & Director